I want to thank you again

for helping me with my running. This past weekend, I raced a road mile in Kingsport and won my age group with the fastest time I've run in 20 years. -Ken S

Just got an amazing massage from Rayleana. Haven't felt this good in a long time! Thank you so much! -Ian

Rayleana is fantastic. She gives you 100 percent of her attention. She has helped me stay healthy and able to work in both of my careers, as a dental hygienist and an animal massage therapist- both require me to stay balanced and healthy. I highly recommend her! -Pam S

I would like to bottle your elbows and take them

with me. -Steve M

Rayleana is an exceptional massage therapist, especially deep tissue work, and I've had many over the years. She has an intuitive way of working on your body that most people don't possess. You also know that each time you get a massage it is coming from her heart and soul. I think anyone that wants a massage to remember should go see her. -Marty L

Congratulations on your big move! Happy for you! -RP

Best wishes to you in your new venture! Your dedication to your profession and the great compassion you show toward clients will ensure you have every success possible. -AJM

I look forward to seeing you at your new Digs.... Congratulations on your new endeavor...... -Morty

Rayleana - Harvey and I are pleased to hear that more good things are coming your way. It's abundantly clear to us that your positive attitude is making your success possible. We look forward to seeing you soon in your new location. In the meantime, we'll keep telling our friends about your magical massages. Keep on enjoying life! All the best! -Nancy G

It's amazing how a massage makes you feel. And not just the next day but it seems to last forever! Thanks Ray! Can't wait to see you at your new location! -Brandy D

Congratulations Rayleana! I am so very happy to be able to see all your hard work become such a blossoming business. I know all those who come to you will certainly be blessed. I must say, I am very proud of you! -Ms Li Duran, My Teacher

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Well Springs Massage

(Inside Eckert Chiropractic Center)

1062 Oak Ridge Turnpike

Oak Ridge, TN 37830


(865) 548-4696


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You are my Gift to my Self. -AP

There simply aren't words to justify Rayleana, both as a person or as a professional. My son sustained an injury while preparing for RECON school while in the Marine Corps (the Marines' version of Navy SEALs). And though I as a personal trainer had several contacts/ alternatives closer to home, I chose to bring him to Rayleana- more than an hour's drive away... she's just that good! -Steve

Being able to visit Rayleana on a regular basis for massage therapy

is 1 of the top 5 things in life that I'm grateful for. It's been a great help. -Keith

Wishing you the best, Rayleana, and looking forward to seeing you at Well Springs! -Deb C

BRAVO! Congratulations on the move and I will see you in June!!!! -Kit

I look forward to seeing you at your new location very soon! :) -Christa D

                           Heal the Body.

                       Soothe the Mind.

Renew the Spirit.



Steve LOVED Rayleana! -Brett

My neck has NEVER felt this Good!!




An Amazing Person who does an Amazing Job. My wife and I love Rayleana! It is refreshing to see someone passionate about their work and committed to giving their best. We have highly recommended her to friends and family because she is truly great at what she does. -Brent

She is INSANELY good! I can remember where in Germany we had the best massage...  I think it was Hamburg. And Rayleana is right up there- top 5 massage I have had! -Gabe

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*Please know that I've reduced my schedule because I'm a full-time MBA student at UT... Wish me luck! And GO VOLS!!!*

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Rayleana is a godsend. I had suffered with shoulder pain for most of my adult life. The pain got so bad that my doctor started talking about surgery. Fortunately, I discovered Rayleana. My pain was gone after just 3 deep tissue sessions. If I would have found her 20 years ago, I might still be playing ball. My friends and golfing buddies are tired of hearing how wonderful she is, but they always ask me her name when they think massage therapy might help them. – Donnie B