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Renew the Spirit.



"Fallen Heroes & Family Members"

The "Fallen Heroes & Family Members" Program is established out of gratitude and respect for the sacrifices made by military, law

enforcement, and first responder personnel in service to country and community. This program is available to be utilized by 1) those who have been critically injured in combat and line of duty incidents* and 2) the immediate family members of those who have been KIA/KILOD.

Open to all of the above in recognition of your remarkable loss and need for healing.

Please email me- I would like to help:

(*Massage Therapy can complement, and build upon, your VA PT/OT prescription.)





Well Springs Massage

(Inside Eckert Chiropractic Center)

1062 Oak Ridge Turnpike

Oak Ridge, TN 37830


(865) 548-4696

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Social Work from East Tennessee State University. And I have been certified as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher through the Glowing Body Yoga Studio. As prior active duty, I served honorably in the US Air Force Medical Service as a Mental Health Technician; and was awarded a Commedation Medal.

I am passionate about helping those who have experienced physical, mental, and/or emotional trauma (as trauma on 1 level = trauma on All levels): wounded veterans; cancer survivors; abuse survivors; and individuals who are nearing the end, or passing, of this life. Through my program "Fallen Heroes & Family Members", I work with combat/duty injured military, law enforcement, and first responder veterans; immediate family members who have lost loved ones to line of duty incidents (KIA). *Please see the note below for more info on this program.


As the Knoxville assistant for an International Backstage Massage Therapy Team, I've worked with touring bands, musicians, and performers who have passed through east Tennessee like: Steve Miller and Band; Moody Blues; NoFX; Old Man Markley; Foreigner; Paramore; Flogging Molly; George Clinton and Band; Passion Pit; Cold War Kids; The Cave Singers; The Trans-Siberian Orchestra; and Walking with the Dinosaurs; among others.


I've been fortunate to meet and work with so many different people who are on so many different life paths... Secret Services trainees, White House staff, Military Heroes, Rock Legends, Pop Stars, Medical Doctors, Shamans, Athletes, and Teachers of Life...



I have SO valued my clients and the Oak Ridge community over the last 8 yrs. Now that I am a 2nd year UT MBA student, I am looking towards graduation in Dec. It is time for new adventures. Please know how much I have cherished you and your friendship over these years. Wish me luck.

Gratitude. And so much LOVE. GO VOLS! -Rayleana 


 A Bit About Me & My Work...

I went to Medical Massage Therapy school in southern California, while stationed in the Mojave Desert with the US Air Force. I have been in health care for 11 years. And I have been practicing massage therapy for 7 years; in holistic, wellness, and chiropractic health care settings- first in southern California, then the DC area, and now back home in east Tennessee.


As a person living with fibromyalgia, I have an intimate understanding and compassion for other people who are living with chronic pain. While deep tissue work is my specialty, my goal is to provide the highest quality of work for each individual person on my table at any given time- to help you where ever you are on your own path. I have been able to help people with: TMJ dysfunction; whiplash syndrome; nerve impingement issues; fibromyalgia; rheumatoid arthritis; rotator cuff injuries; carpal tunnel syndrome;  sciatic/piriformis pain; plantar fasciitis; anxiety; depression; grief; and PTSD; among other ailments.


I practice under the philosophy that what affects the body, affects the mind; and vice versa. I believe the body and mind to be 1 whole, unique to each individual, and molded by an individual's physical and emotional experience of life. I respect that each individual must walk his or her own path- in life and in health. And I hold the approach that massage therapy can be a means to heal the body, comfort the mind, and renew the spirit along the way.